What to Do Right After a Traffic Accident?


Traffic accidents happen sometimes because of the effects of intense traffic, sometimes due to drivers who do not know the rules and bad behavior in the traffic. After financially damaged traffic accidents, it is necessary to apply certain procedures.

Although it is necessary to arrange an accident identification report which should be done first after an accident, sometimes this is not enough and it may be necessary to wait for the traffic police at the scene.

For example; the absence of a driver’s license, the presence of alcohol, and the fact that the age of the driver is too small can not be solved by accident identification.

Immediately after a traffic accident, vital checks must be made and safety at the scene must be ensured. After the accident;
– Identify the wounded and call an ambulance,
– Take pictures of the vehicles and park them at a convenient location,
– Write the accident detection log,
– Call traffic police in case of dispute

Process After a Car Accident
source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0hBiDOnFl4

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