In Car Accidents, even in sudden and severe brakes, involuntary movements made by the body can cause damage to the body. This is called whiplash or whip injury, especially when it is held permanently with the belly, in the event of a rear-end collision, it is the result of being thrown violently backwards first and then forward.

90 percent of those who live in Whiplash trauma is the involuntary move made by the body at 0-20 km / h. In this case, even when no fracture occurs in the individual, the soft tissue of the neck is damaged.

At the same time, there are consequences such as missing and locked from a few vertebrae. Whiplash injuries are typically experienced in car accidents, but they can also be seen in sports or falls and such injuries can not be detected with a single symptom.

While whiplash injuries are very common, damage to joints, ligaments, hemorrhage in the muscles and joints, and excessive stretching of the nerve are frequently seen. Similar damage can occur elsewhere in the body.

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source: https://www.hoffmannpersonalinjury.com/suffering-from-mental-and-emotional-injuries/

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