Airbags are safety equipment designed for front and near-front bumping. Such crashes involve more than half of passengers’ deaths. The air cushion is designed to reduce head and chest injuries and to open when the severity of the impact is moderate or severe.

This means that the airbag will be deployed in impacts that occur at speeds above 20 km / h. In order for the air pillow to fulfill its mission, it must ascend at a speed equal to about 320 km / h from its reservoir. This means a tremendous amount of power, especially children, that can harm people who are very close.

In a real crash test conducted by NHTSA (USA, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the combined use of safety belt and airbag was found to be effective in preventing 75% of serious head impacts and 66% of serious chest injuries.

However, this equipment poses a threat to young children traveling on the front seat of the vehicle. Studies show that airbags for passengers in vehicles are 29% safer than children sitting on the rear seats. For maximum safety in a car it is recommended to take the following precautions.

Common Injuries from Car Accidents https://www.hof..


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