Vehicle insurance is an insurance that is compensated for damage up to the accident, natural disaster or theft with the upper limit of the vehicle valuation amount (the price of a car that can be acquired in the same format, year, grade).

If the negligence rate of the accident is zero, the damage of the car is compensated 100% by the opponent’s objective insurance, but accidents that are free from negligence oneself are rare.

If there is negligence oneself, the loss is not compensated for that negligence, and there is no compensation in the sole (self-loss) accident. Likewise, we can not receive compensation for natural disasters and theft.

Any vehicle owner who is on the trail or even registered on the road has assumed a social responsibility at the same time. Because; traffic and safety of life are largely dependent on the drivers. Especially in big cities where traffic is heavy, this responsibility is much more.

Single-Vehicle Car Collisions Occurring Too Often


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