Tired and sleepless driving


Many people do not know or ignore the fact that using exhausted and sleepless vehicles is as dangerous as using alcoholic beverages and is one of the most important causes of accidents. However, insomnia affects the driving performance negatively, just as it is under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and causes serious traffic accidents.

There are simple signs of fatigue and insomnia when driving a car;
– Tingling of eyes
– Tension in the neck
– Back pain
– Stretch
– Difficulty holding the head upright
– Difficulty in focusing eyes on a certain point
– Skipping traffic signs or not remembering

What you need to do?
Sufficient sleeping to prevent sleeplessness is both easier and more effective than any compensatory action. The effects of measures taken after sleep do not last too long. It can be effective for as long as the most drivers find a place to sleep.

Temporary measures such as taking caffeine, listening to the radio, getting out of the car and taking a short walk, opening the glazing should definitely not take good sleeping habits and should not be perceived as effective strategies to ensure that sleepless drivers can safely reach their destination.

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