Recommendations for Safe Driving


It is imperative to comply with traffic rules. However, every driver on the road must adhere to these rules as a principle.

We all know that your irregularity causes turmoil. However, irregularities in traffic accidents, the worst comes with injuries and deaths.

If you know the rules, you will not be a good driver if you do not make mistakes.
In this chapter; some features and situations that a “good driver” should have …

– From the moment we sit on the driver’s seat, we must throw everything in our heads and make our attention a habit of not only giving way.
– Attention please! Let’s not try to get on time if we did not get out of time. Flurry invites the accident. We need to be calm instead of flirting, and tolerate instead of annoying.
– The vehicle you are trafficking must be well maintained. Exiting traffic with a vehicle that is not regularly maintained will pose a threat both to ourselves and to other people.
– Again, care must be taken to ensure that the necessary materials are kept in the vehicle.

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