Most Of Accidents Are Preventable

Greetings dear guests. Our present subject is preventable accidents in traffic. A lot of people lose their lifes in accidents every day and these are most likely preventable accidents.

We say preventable because alcohol and texting message behing wheel is not vital and necessary by driving car. A great majority of accidents exist that’s why.

Eating, texting, alcohol, drug, talk with cellphone and other unnecessary distractions. All of them can cost your life one day as everyone have.

According to traffic and accident statistics, %75 of car accidents are definitely preventable. Unfortunately as a result of these preventable accidents lots of human lose life.

Even if they do not lose life, they become permanently disabled. Because of a mini reason they live disabled forever. When you drive you should just drive. There is nothing more important.

Do not be their azrael, do not be busy by driving please, so long.

Most car accidents are preventable. Texting, eatin..


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