Preparing an Emergency Kit for Your Car


Millions of cars are in traffic every day. These cars are not independent, they have to comply with certain rules. The traffic rules are the same for all citizens. Every driver has to comply with traffic rules. Only the vehicles that they use can differ from each other. Each driver has equipment that must be kept in their cars. If one of these materials is missing, the traffic police may be punished.

• First aid kit: There is a lot of stuff in the first aid kit that will help you when you are injured
• Fire extinguisher: Provides immediate intervention for fires that may occur in your car. Keep the fire extinguisher near you.
• Reflector: When your car breaks down, you must put a reflector wherever your car stops so that other vehicles can see you in the dark.
• Towing: If your vehicle is stuck on the road, or if it is covered with mud, it must be towed by another vehicle.
If you follow the traffic rules, you will not risk the safety of yourself and others.

What Should You Pack in Your Emergency Road Kit?

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