We have prepared a guide to ensure that motorcycle use is widespread, not just for couriers, but also for amateurs to choose motorcycles for home-to-work / home-to-home transportation.

All other vehicle drivers who have experienced a motorcycle accident say they do not see or notice the Motorcycle. So provide eye contact with other driver with the mirror of the vehicles. You are as far away from the drivers that you did / did not do. Do not watch for long periods in blind spots, if you need to be warned with a horn!

If you are in the middle of following the car in front, a stone, pit or object coming out of the two wheels will disturb your balance; in the event of a sudden braking, your escape route narrows, making you less visible, making it harder for you to escape the danger from behind.

In traffic, do not think that the vehicle that comes back for any reason will see and notice you. Avoid if possible, or warn with a horn.

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