Rates of Fatal Accidents

According to statistics 1 of every 50 car accidents is fatal definitely. If you do not use seatbelt this one percent rate may be you. Yes it is not a surprise. Seatbelt protects life.

If you are using seatbelt you will be protected from most of lethal accidents. Seatbelt prevents very serious injuries as well. If you care your health you must to use seatbelt.

The other factor is speed. Speed cause to lose control and because of this you can not control the car exactly. Speed limits very important if you want to stay alive.

Also distractions reason of car accidents most likely. When you do not look to road or not give attention to driving you may have a car accident most likely.

Using cell phone and texting message is mean reason of distractions and accidents. Even eating in-car is dangerous. Sleepless is also a factor about accidents. Take care of yourself.

Fatal Car Accident

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