It Means Death

Welcome our precious guests. Today we want to talk about a really serious and vital matter. Jump a red light and results. So, result will be death most likely unfortunately.

We do not say it means death. International traffic accident statistics say this. When you do not care the red light you do not care the other’s life and yours also.

The one who try to go home may belong a precious son of mother. And the best son of a father. Passing the red light generally does not exist alone itself. It is a result always.

A result of distraction and a result of anger. A result of alcohol and a result of texting. Even eating somethings in-car. You should not be busy while driving.

Any phone call is not more important than your life. And someone else’s tomorrows. Do not be busy, do not hurry. Protect and respect yourself and all of us. So long.

What are the Repercussions of Running a Red Light?

source: https://usattorneys.com/car-accident/what-are-the-repercussions-of-running-a-red-light/

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