Do not dream while driving. Do not focus on anything other than driving. Watch out for the traffic. If you are not mentally able to do this, postpone your traffic for a while.

Try to see the head movements of the car drivers from the windows and the mirrors. Most of the time, the drivers behave like turning their heads from one direction to another before sudden turns. Even if they do not look at their mirrors, they do it mostly.

Do a mirror check, but do not just look at your mirrors. You should also do the controls on your shoulder. You can do this quickly and check the blind spots your mirrors can not show.

Never enter a vehicle between the exit ramp. The right-handed transitions should not be done at all but become a necessity in our time. Then you can do this between the exits and the roads that continue in both directions of the highway, intersecting the main street.

Take your fingers on both knees constantly on the brake lever. In this heavy traffic, your reaction will shorten your time. Likewise, if you have your right foot in your thumb, feel close to the foot brake pedal. It may be possible to eliminate sudden dives of a monkey busy with a mobile phone.

Be noticed. Make sure the drivers and the bowls see you. You are even trying to achieve this distinction from far distances. Use your long headlamps, but when you stop in traffic lights, use your short headlamps so that the driver of the vehicle ahead does not take the driver’s attention. Use brightly colored dresses and dresses with bands that carry these colors. Yellow is the most noticeable color.

Driving too slow can be just as dangerous as speed..


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