Hit by car insurance adjuster is

Hello dear drivers today we are going to talk about a hit by someone with car. When you was hit from someone you need to be quite as much as you do.

There are some reason of this rule. You should stay polite and calm because your all words and moves may be opposite for other side and there may be a communication problem.

Secondly you should try to know learn the identity and personal details of the person with whom you are talking. You should know other side as much as you learn.

Don’t give your personal details except name surnama and communication details. The other side may use your informations for a bad purpose in court process.

Do not explain the details of accident. Keep silence and wait for your lawyer to get your all rights from court. Keep calm and do not talk about accident with other side and insurance company.

Hit by a car? The insurance

source: http://usattorneysblog.blogspot.com.tr/2016/04/hit-by-car-insurance-adjuster-is.html?spref=pi

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