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Hello again our precious followers. Today we are going to talk about self driving cars and car accident statistics. We wonder that vehicle traffic is available for this technology or not.

Let’s take a look to recent datas all around the world. As whole world follow that Google develops self driving vehicles for future traffic.

However high accident rates show that human traffic and secure driving levels in all around the world may not ready to driverless cars nowadays definitely.

Human factor in traffic flow and accidents is on really critical levels and smart cars are really doubtful still to prevent these kind of complex accidents and circumstances.

If we take a look carefully to accidents and statictics, road circumstances and the other conditions in traffic, studies may take a long time little bit more. But we have good news for future:

Google company is the biggest presider of this technology and we are sure to see the successful results self driving studies in very near future.

We are going to start to see the smart cars slowly in traffic all around the world. We should believe that Google technology will win this tournament eventually very soon. Take care of yourself!

How Much Has Google’s Self-Driving Vehicle Progres..


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