Does Test Really Work?

Hello dear guests. We are going to mention the drunkness matter today. As you know one of the most duties of traffic police is make drunkenness test.

According to laws and professionals test works generally but statistics does not show this. Even if you did not use drugs or alcohol test make you fail.

This problem occurs because these kind of test have really serious problems to solve. You may convince the police or test may convince you.

Doing test without measurement device most likely will mislead both of side during test. According to studies these kind of these not fair and have to be fixed.

Just think that you were going home after job and be stopped by a police officer suddenly. You did not use any toxic material but you could not pass the police test.

What would be happen? Nobody does not want to learn this. Hope this rule will be fixed soon. Wish you peaceful days, good bye.

Supreme Court Hears Case on Mandatory Breath Test ..

source: https://www.notafraidtowin.com/attacking-field-sobriety-tests/

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