What Are the 3 Categories of Driver Distractions

Hi dear readers and drivers. Today we are going to talk about a really important point that interest all drivers and their families: distractions at drivers.

Every year there have been regular car accidents because of driver distractions and lots of people lose their lifes that’s why the reason.

When we take a look the reason of distractions we see some big points to care seriously. We see 3 points here generally: fatigue, alcohol, cell phone.

When you have fatigue you cannot care about your car, your road and safe. You just try to go home or somewhere you need to arrive. Unfortunately bad things happens generally.

Secondly, alcohol. The mother of evil, the guilty of all bad things in this life, specially car accidents. When you are drunk, you must not to drive exactly. Never, ever.

And thirdly, cell phones. One of the main reasons of distractions and of course eventually accidents. Please do not use phone while driving.

Wish you accident free sunny days, good bye.



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