In short, we use our tools in many cases during the day, on the way to work, while trying to reach a point. Especially in big cities, car accidents and vehicle malfunctions are more frequently encountered when we consider traffic and vehicle intensity.

In some cases it may be impossible to restart our accident vehicles and continue on the road. Likewise, it may not be possible to operate our vehicles that break down between cities or on deserted freeways.

In such cases we should choose the vehicle attractor, in other words, the way to call the rescuer. Attractors can serve almost any type of vehicle. Trailers and semi-trailers, and other types of vehicles manufactured to attract and freight vehicles are called “tow truck”.

Thanks to the two large forks that come under it, the car is lifted as if it is in the forklift layout and put in the tractor chassis. With this system, depending on the suitability of the road and the vehicle, the vehicle can be loaded from the left side

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