How Will the Bicyclist Roadway Plans

Hello again our precious readers and drivers. Today we are going to talk about a really important issue. Accidents that including bicycles.

We meet lots of car accidents always and generally exist serious injuries in these accidents. However bicycle accidents are little bit different. Because they may be end up with death.

Statistics show that car drivers do not care so much the bicycle riders. Car drivers mostly go on from bicycle way and do not know what is the bicycle. Even they know, do not care this rule.

Accidents which including bicycles one of the biggest problem to solve all around the world. Developed country or in progress does not matter, all countries have this problem.

Education, alcohol and distraction are the mean reason of these accidents. Drivers cannot see the caution signs and enter in the bicycle ways. Unfortunately sad results happens eventually.

Please be careful and do not drive to bicycle way. Wish you accident free days, bye.

How Will the Bicyclist Roadway Plans


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